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Last Updated: 6/21/13 @ 9am

Welcome to the 2013 Cardinals FALL Tournament, here's some important information:

1) VENUE: We will be playing at the fields behind the Freeman Center at Wesleyan, the Wesleyan Turf Field (Smith Field), and the Wadsworth Fields. The Wadsworth fields are a good distance from Freeman, you get there by driving past Freeman on the left, going past the Softball field on your left, bearing left  onto Long Lane and following that road about 1/8 mile. The Wadsworth fields are on the left and parking on the right or around the corner on the left., We recommend parking up  there when playing at Wadsworth. There is also separate parking for Smith field ( Turf). which can be accessed by an entry road off Long Lane on the way to Wadsworth but the turf is an easy walk from the Freeman fields.
2) PARKING: The Freeman lot fills up quickly. Check the Wesleyan University Website map for parking areas near the track field and across the street from the Freeman Center.
3) FACILITIES; The facilities and Snack shop inside the Freeman Center will be open, there are portable facilities at the Turf and Wadsworth. Please do NOT enter the hockey Rink, Basketball arena, weight room or other facilities in Freeman.
4) SCHEDULE: Games will start at 9AM  and be played every 50 minutes and include a  2 minute half time. Each teams' first two games are prescheduled and then  teams will be reseeded to provide the most competitive  third game.
5) RULES: Federation Rules will be used except as follows: Contact  ( appropriate to the age group) will be limited to promote a safe, fun day. All time served penalties are 30 seconds. One 30 second Time out per team per half will be allowed, not in the last two minutes. Running time which will be kept by the officials on the field with the last two minutes being stopped time. There will be a Mercy Rule: a team behind by 5 or more goals will be awarded the ball at midfield . Ties  are ties with no OT or Braveheart.
6) Trainer: A certified trainer will be on duty circulating between fields with a golf cart. All field managers and Referees and team Coaches should have the trainers cell phone.
7) SUPPLIES: Teams should plan to bring plenty of liquids and a cooler of ice to each game in case of hot, humid weather.
8) SPECIAL GUESTS; We have invited the Make-a- Wish  5th grader team to participate Saturday again this year.. This team is organized by Bill Giugno of